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Ellen Meadows

Piano / Voice

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, and now relocating to the Galena Forest region of south Reno, Ellen Meadows brings her love of music to the community. After many hours practicing as a young student, to the introduction to musical theatre productions and work in small ensembles throughout high school, she has followed the role of soloist, composer, bandmate, researcher, educator, music therapist and workshop facilitator. She has over twenty years of training in piano performance, four years in classical vocal training, and four years in Orff instruments like the marimba, xylophone and metallophone. Styles include classical, folk, funk, soul, progressive rock, jazz, punk, gospel, musical theatre, and improvisational.

Beginning with teaching lessons at the age of 16, she has been an active music educator for ten years. She has held full-time instructor positions at Sandy Springs Music Studio, Highland Music Studio and has offers private instruction through after-school programs at 21st Century STEM Academy in Decatur, GA. During her time as a private instructor, Ellen has utilized different visual and tactile methods to help students with dyslexia, auditory processing and emotional disorders, approach reading music and learning to play piano in a unique way.